PD3 - Blue Band Plain Photo Badge

Blue Rim Plain Photo Badge

You can have a 58mm or 77mm size badge with this design.


Please read carefully:

  1. No logos, characters or famous people (unless it's a fan selfie) - copyright

  2. Make sure you include lots of background if you crop the image.

  3. We only use the head & sholders of 1 person unless you tell us.

  4. Your photo quality will determine the results.

  5. Using more than 1 photo? Plain Photo Badge You must order by email ONLY.

  6. Orders with 1 photo can be instantly ordered below. If you have multiple images or prefer to order by email - makeabadge@me.com ask for PD3 and attach your photo/s. Additional photo's cost a little more.

  7. Ordering 50+  use promotion code P15 for extra 15% off your order.


Two sizes available for photo badges
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Email Preview Service: up to 24hr wait Mon-Sat. Orders on hold until you approve design
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