Available in 38mm, 58mm or 77mm size badge.



This service creates custom badge design/s that might include an image, a coloured background, coloured text or a complex layout. There's no minimum order, so you can have a single badge made up. We want to get you the very best result so this is an email ordering service. You will get design/s to preview by email before we go to print.

If you want us to put your graphic onto a coloured background (not neon or metallic), please make sure you are emailing a PNG32 with a transparent background.  For standard graphics, please submit as a PNG, TIFF, JPG or PDF. We do NOT accept images inside software documents e.g. Powerpoint.

Please send us as much information as you can. Example: I want my logo put onto a red background with white bold text below the graphic on a 77mm. Example: I want a 58mm text badge but I want all the letters in different colours. Example: I want my childrens artwork put onto 38mm badges in different colours.

When you email (link below) let us know how many badges you are ordering and we can give a quote along with your designs. Price is dependent on the amount of graphic design you want us to do and the amount of badges you are ordering.

E.g. Someone ordering 30+ of a single design will get a much cheaper base price than someone submitting 10 images and only ordering one of each badge. If price is an issue, consider buying a simple custom design instead, or for the best price buy one of our shop designs (there are hundreds to choose from).

And please make sure you have permission to use the image/s - see our copyright help if you are unsure.

Order by email - (complex design badges from £1.75 before bulk discounts)