Available in 38mm, 58mm or 77mm size badge.



We can create a brand new custom design just for you.  Maybe you need a Rhino wearing a Christmas hat, or want us to put someone's head onto a chicken for a hen night design, or maybe you are organising a conference and want us to create something for the guests, or need 300 names added. We can do that for you.

However, don't forget to use our website search box to see if we already have the design that you need. We have hundreds of designs in stock and our shop badges are much cheaper and can be bought instantly.

If you still want a unique custom design - just supply as much detail as possible by email (link below). Let us know the amount of badges you will be ordering and the badge size (mini 38mm, standard 58mm, large 77mm). Once we have received your email we will give you a time frame and let you know the cost.

The price will depend on the amount of work involved and how many badges you are ordering. For example: asking for 20 badges with a lion graphic would be a lot cheaper than asking for 20 badges that each featured a different jungle animal.

Copyright - please do not ask us to make anything that needs a special license. For example: We can't put Disney characters onto badges. However, we can make badges with a similar theme e.g. we could make coloured badges with a princess crown on them if you were having a Disney party. If you are unsure, please see our copyright help.

Order by email - (new custom design badges from £2 before bulk discounts)