38mm, 58mm & 77mm


Please read carefully:

  1. Your image quality will determine the results. Please include lots of background/bleed to get the best result and remove any draft or guide lines/circles. You can upload PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, (or PDF via email). You don't need to make your artwork a specific size, but large or higher resolution images get the best results.

  2. Due to copyright, we can't accept artwork that you do not have permission to use e.g. famous characters or football logos.

  3. More than 10 images to submit? Plain Photo Badge Please email your order in.

  4. You can order instantly below, or by email if you prefer -

  5. Ordering 50+ get an additional bulk discount using the promo code C15


IMPORTANT: Please check your order confirmation email. If you have made a mistake please email within 30mins. If you select to see a preview design the queues are approximately 6-26hrs weekdays. We can only hold your order for 3 days, so please check your email to approve our free preview within the 3 working days.