1. If you bought badges in the last six months and want to buy IDENTICAL badges again (with exactly the same text and exactly the same badge size) - you can order them instantly below.

2. If it was longer than six months ago, or you want to change the text, image or badge size please email for help.

3. If you are unable to provide a previous order number or the correct person who placed the order, there will most likely be a dispatch delay. To speed things up please provide a mobile phone number or an email address that you check regularly, in case we need to contact you.


Your badge Size: Must be the same size as last time

Person who paid for the badges last time: e.g. Emma Jones Sonter Ltd

Brief Description: e.g. Sonter TEAM badges design B.

Your Previous Order Number (starts RC) e.g. RC17160052

Any Additional Info? e.g. just the orange ones please

Quantity :

any amount from 1 to 300