This is the place for regular customers to re-order designs that they have asked us to save, or for customers that have ordered in the last month.

Due to the volume of orders to store and changes in data protection law, we delete print files after 4 weeks (unless you have asked us to save your file).

To use this service: your order must be for the same badge size, the same graphic, and the same wording as your previous order. Any alterations must come in as a brand new order. This service is for reordering previously set-up designs at the lowest price possible.

If you need any help please email


IMPORTANT: Please check your order confirmation email. If you have made a mistake please email within 30mins. If you select to see a preview design the queues are approximately 6-26hrs weekdays. We can only hold your order for 3 days, so please check your email to approve our free preview within the 3 working days.