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Colour Band Photo Badge

You can have a 58mm or 77mm size badge with this design.

(top text) Edward's 31st Birthday
(bottom text) 16th October 2019


Please read carefully:

  1. Your photo quality will determine the results. Please give us enough background around the head.

  2. We will only use the head & shoulders of 1 person - unless you tell us otherwise.

  3. Text is added onto the badge exactly as you put it in the order (or email). It is up to you to remember punctuation, capital letters and spellings. You MUST have text at the top and bottom of this design.

  4. You can order instantly below, or by email if you prefer - ask for colour band design.


IMPORTANT: Please check your order confirmation email. If you have made a mistake please email within 30mins. If you select to see a preview design the queues are approximately 2-26hrs weekdays. We can only hold your order for 3 days, so please check your email to approve our free preview within the 3 working days.