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Plain Photo Badge

You can have a 38mm, 58mm or 77mm size badge with this design.


Please read carefully:

  1. No logos, characters or famous people (unless it's a fan selfie) - copyright

  2. Yes you can have up to 20 different photos. No extra charge if you order by email and are prepared to wait. If you are in a hurry your badges can be ordered instantly online at a premium price.

  3. If you are only using 1 photo (no matter how many badges you want to buy) you should order here.

  4. Make sure you include lots of background if you crop the image.

  5. The quality of your photos will determine the results. Please remeber to select what to appear on the badge (photo edges allowing)

  6. You can order instantly below, or by email if you prefer -


IMPORTANT: Please check your order confirmation email. If you have made a mistake please email within 30mins. If you select to see a preview design the multi-photo queues are approximately 6-36hrs weekdays. We can only hold your order for 3 days, so please check your email to approve our free preview within the 3 working days.